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Upgrade Your Fleet with Electric Skid Steers

Power without the Pollution:

Introducing our Electric Skid Steers!

1st Green Machine has created the first all-electric green skid steer that’s zero-emission, low-noise, and remote-operable,
priced comparably to a piece of similar diesel equipment, for you to achieve greater control and accuracy when working
on construction projects or completing landscaping jobs.

Our electric skid steer is significantly cheaper to run since it doesn’t consume any fossil fuels or require regular
maintenance. This reduces the overall cost of owning a vehicle and increases your overall profit margins.

One of the greatest advantages of using our skid steer is that its movement is completely smooth and responsive. This
allows operators to quickly and easily complete a wide range of tasks, such as clearing debris from construction sites and
mowing lawns. With less power wasted, it can deliver a much higher level of performance compared to a gas-powered

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Zero Environmental Impact

Get It All Done for Less

We have a skid steer for you, whether you’re buying your first machine or expanding your fleet. with a selection of diverse designs and choices. These skid
loaders are designed to deliver the performance and power you require to your job site.




Better Machines Power Better Work

1st Green Machine has invented the electric skid steer loader and now provides a whole line of machines that are
designed and constructed to provide uncompromising performance. To lead the market in hydraulic performance,
tractive effort, undercarriage technology, dependability, serviceability, and comfort on any surface, we develop and
produce high-end compact track loaders and skid steers.

1st Green Machine all-terrain machines provide you the flexibility to operate in more locations and environments so
you can accomplish more each day, from minor landscaping projects and residential building jobs to acres of

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Superior Design and Innovation

Skid steer loaders made by 1st Green Machine are designed for outstanding performance, dependability, and operator
comfort. These machines are incredibly productive while working on a variety of job sites and ground conditions
because of our cutting-edge design and market-leading features. The Elise900 and MiniZ, designed to be the industry’s
most productive skid steer, enables you to do more!

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Why choose 1st Green Machine?

1st Green Machine offers electric skid-steer to clients in Trappe, MD, and the surrounding areas. Our business provides the electric skid-steer you need for any project size. 

We are prepared to demonstrate that our electric skid-steer is capable of handling any project, no matter how big or little.

Our products have benefitted companies in Trappe, MD that are interested in excavating without having a negative impact on the environment.

Our electric skid-steer is available to deliver excellent results and guarantee your satisfaction. So don’t delay—call now to order your electric skid-steer !

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Faster Load Cycles

Both radial lift loaders and vertical lift loaders are choices provided by 1st Green Machine. Vertical lift
machines have a larger reach and greater lift height for usage in material putting tasks, whereas radial lift
machines have the most aggressive excavation capabilities and remarkable reach at mid height.

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Lift Capacity

In order to guarantee that operators are more productive than the
competition, the 1st Green Machine skid-steer-focused design offers the
best weight distribution, which minimizes tire wear while boosting
lifting capability.

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Where Others Get Stuck, We Don’t.

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Premium Operator Experience

A cutting-edge cab is fitted into the 1st Green Machine skid steers. Operators can expect optimal
comfort and efficiency thanks to the finest 360-degree visibility in the sector.

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